About NielsenWrites.com

Thorough, direct, creative, honest


Driving force behind NielsenWrites.com is Christiane Nielsen. Christiane is an international 'business allrounder' and has 15+ years of experience in the software and logistics industry. Christiane has worn multiple hats during her career, including roles within the field of marketing & sales, HR, change management and customer- & product training. Her international experience stems from 8+ years of working and living in the United States, in Atlanta GA. 


As far as she can remember, Christiane has always been a word & language lover and fanatic. She loved spelling and writing poems as a child and graduated high school with 5 languages 'in-the-pocket'. It comes to no surprise that the main focus in all of her jobs has been communication, both spoken and written. A huge aspect of her work that she has always enjoyed and has found to be extremely important and valuable. In any role, at any level, whether within or outside the organizations she has worked for. 


Because of the fact that Christiane has lived and worked in the US, she speaks and writes both English and Dutch fluently. It is because of her German-Austrian origin that she can make herself well understood in the German language as well. Early 2018 Christiane decided to drastically change course and start her own company. She also became an accredited and sworn translator, which now gives her the opportunity to do what she loves most: writing, translating, correcting and editing of content. No matter the size or the subject. She finds it a great challenge to stay true to your message and tone-of-voice, while at the same time making sure the content is easy to read, understandable and memorable for your target audience.