How does it work?

Personal and understandable


Before we start with the actual writing or translation process, we find it very important and even necessary to connect with each other in person. This helps us in getting a good understanding of what it is you are looking for, but also what it is that you actually need.


It doesn't matter whether you need technical, commercial, personal or fictional content. We have experience in a wide range of topics  and have knowledge of different levels of communication within organizations. It is our job to make sure your message / content connects to and resonates with specified target groups at any level.


For the best possible end result we like to find out as much as possible about the topics we work on. Desk research and asking questions are therefore a must. We are also huge fans of recurring contact moments, to ensure everyone is (still) on the same page and that we have a true understanding of what the message is you want to bring across. 


Price indication


We like kicking off new assignments with a first meeting to get acquainted. Next step will be a 'needs analysis', to determine the actual scope of work. These meetings are free of charge and usually take place onsite at the customer's. Of course Skyping and calling also belong to the possibilities. 


Standalone assignments are usually charged by the hour and will be determined after the initial meeting has taken place. For bigger and recurring assignments it is also possible to work with a set price, based on the desired end-result.


Translations are charged by the amount of words, or by working with a set price for the desired end-result. It all depends on the wishes/budget of the customer, the subject, and the deadline for the piece. Terms everyone has agreed to will be documented and communicated.


For more information about services and pricing, do not hesitate    contacting us directly at